How To Fix Poor Connectivity In Your Business?

‘How to Analyse Poor Business Connectivity’ will help you identify and address the key factors affecting network performance. 


How To Fix Poor Connectivity In Your Business?

Seamless digital connectivity forms the backbone of business operations and encountering poor business connectivity can significantly hinder productivity and growth.

Addressing this issue head-on is crucial for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital landscape. This guide outlines actionable steps to diagnose and remedy poor connectivity, with a nod to how Connected Networks can be your ally in navigating these waters.

How To Fix Poor Connectivity In Your Business?


The first crucial step in addressing poor connectivity is identifying its root causes, which could range from bandwidth limitations to outdated hardware. A comprehensive approach involves:

Conducting a Network Audit: Evaluate your network setup to identify potential issues or outdated components.

Monitoring Network Performance: Use network monitoring tools to track performance issues in real-time.

Assessing Bandwidth Needs: Ensure your current bandwidth meets the demands of your business operations.


Upgrading your network infrastructure is often necessary to improve connectivity. This may include:

Enhancing Bandwidth: Consider upgrading to a higher bandwidth plan to support increased data usage.

Updating Hardware: Replace old routers, switches and modems with modern high-performance equipment.

Improving Cabling: Invest in quality cabling to support faster data transmission.


Network optimisation is key to preventing connectivity issues. Strategies include:

Implementing QoS Settings: Prioritise critical applications to ensure they receive the necessary bandwidth.

Regular Updates: Keep your network devices updated with the latest firmware and software to avoid performance lags.


Interference can severely impact wireless connectivity. Address this by:

Adjusting Router Placement: Move your router to a central location to enhance signal distribution.

Utilising Wi-Fi Extenders: Expand the reach of your wireless network to eliminate dead zones.

Changing Wi-Fi Channels: Switch to less congested channels to minimise interference from other networks.


For businesses seeking a comprehensive solution to connectivity challenges, Connected Networks offers tailored support. Our services include:

Custom Connectivity Solutions: We analyse your specific needs to provide personalised connectivity strategies.

Professional Consultation: Our experts offer advice and troubleshooting support to optimise your network.

Advanced Monitoring Tools: With cutting-edge technology, we proactively manage and resolve potential connectivity issues.

Improving your business’s connectivity requires a proactive approach, from identifying the root causes to implementing effective solutions.

For expert assistance, consider partnering with Connected Networks. Our customised solutions and professional support ensure your business enjoys stable and reliable connectivity.

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