Preparing for the PSTN Shutdown: A Business Guide

Are you preparing for the PSTN Shutdown? Here’s our guide. Discover essential steps and strategies for a seamless digital switch. 

Preparing for the PSTN Shutdown: A Business Guide

As the 2025 deadline for the PSTN Shutdown approaches, businesses preparing for the PTSN shutdown face the significant task of transitioning from traditional telephony to digital systems.

Don’t worry though, this PSTN Shutdown Preparation Guide provides a detailed roadmap to help businesses navigate this pivotal change smoothly and efficiently.

Preparing for the PSTN Shutdown


Before embarking on our preparations, it’s crucial to understand what the PSTN Shutdown entails.

This initiative marks the UK’s shift from the Public Switched Telephone Network, primarily copper wire-based, to a fully digital network using Internet Protocol (IP) technology. The PSTN Shutdown is not just a technological upgrade but a complete overhaul of the nation’s communication infrastructure.


The PSTN Shutdown presents various challenges and opportunities for businesses. The transition to digital solutions such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and fibre broadband offers enhanced communication capabilities but requires careful planning and execution. This guide aims to assist businesses in preparing for these changes, ensuring a seamless shift to the new digital era.


Evaluate Your Current Network Infrastructure

Begin with a thorough assessment of your existing telecommunication setup. Identify all aspects reliant on the PSTN network, including landline phones, ADSL broadband and associated services such as fax machines and alarm systems.

Understand the Need for Digital Services

Recognise the limitations of the PSTN network and the numerous benefits of digital services. This step involves exploring digital alternatives, understanding their features and evaluating how they can better serve your business needs.

Develop a Digital Transition Strategy

Craft a clear and detailed plan for transitioning to digital services. This strategy should outline your goals, the digital solutions you will adopt and a timeline for implementation. Consider the logistical and practical aspects of the transition to minimise disruptions.

Select the Right Digital Telephony Services

Investigate various digital telephony options, such as VoIP and SIP trunking. Assess these services based on factors like cost, scalability, functionality and compatibility with your business operations.

Prepare for Infrastructure Changes

Transitioning to digital telephony may require hardware updates, such as new handsets, routers or modems. Plan for these upgrades, considering the technical requirements and potential costs involved.

Prioritise Business Continuity

To ensure business operations continue smoothly during the transition, develop a contingency plan. This might include temporary communication solutions and clear communication with stakeholders about the upcoming changes.

Train Your Team

Adequately prepare your staff for the new systems. Comprehensive training on new technologies will ensure everyone is comfortable and proficient with the changes, leading to a more effective transition.

Conduct System Testing

Before fully decommissioning the PSTN-based system, rigorously test the new digital setup. Identify and address any issues to ensure the system is reliable and meets your business requirements.

Stay Informed and Compliant

Keep up to date with the latest developments regarding the PSTN Shutdown. Understanding ongoing changes and regulatory requirements will help you make informed decisions and remain compliant.


This PSTN Shutdown Preparation Guide is designed to make your transition to digital telephony a smooth and beneficial experience.

Embracing digital solutions is not merely about compliance; it’s about capitalising on the advanced capabilities of modern communication technology. With strategic planning and the right approach, your business can seamlessly adapt to this new era of digital connectivity.

For specialised support and tailored solutions for the PSTN Shutdown, contact Connected Networks We are committed to ensuring that your business navigates this transition successfully and harnesses the full potential of digital telecommunications.

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