Business Internet.

Advanced security features like next generation firewall and secure remote access, coupled with best in class connectivity services ensure that your business is protected. Always.


Connected Networks Secure Business Internet provides cutting edge network security with best in breed connectivity. Below are some of our most popular packages.



Ideal for small offices of up to 10 people



For offices of 11-50 users
and data hungry SMEs



Ideal for small offices of up to 10 people

Don’t let connectivity hold your business back

Why choose Colt? We explain all

“Why choose Colt?” is obviously a question we’re often asked as leading Colt partners

Why Organisations are using Zero Trust Networks instead of VPNs

Explore how Zero Trust Networks (ZTNs) surpass traditional VPNs in security and adaptability, offering a robust solution for modern enterprises.

Understanding Project Scope and Complexity of Business Connectivity Costs

Are you considering a digital transformation project and need to understand what influences business connectivity costs? Read our guide to understand more.

We want to understand your connectivity needs.

Our projects all start by defining your objectives, your application and diversity requirements and the challenges you may face. From there, we build a robust connectivity plan before orchestrating and managing your business connectivity, meaning you only deal with us.

Effective connectivity across your business

Colt Expands Internet On Demand to 10 New Countries and Launches Energy-Saving Virtual Router

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