We provide scalable business connectivity, anywhere on Earth.

We can connect you anywhere, whether its using satellite, cellular or fibre connectivity, to build always-on solutions that suit your business applications’ requirements.

Connected offers superior service availability and uptime

We’ve been working in business connectivity since 2001 and are experts in understanding our customers unique requirements, the challenges that may arise while delivering network connectivity solutions and how to keep customers “always-on”.

We know how, and where, global carriers work.

You don’t have to manage a variety of different suppliers and you don’t have to spend hours researching the best solutions. Connected Networks has data on more than 1.4 billion buildings worldwide and the knowledge and the tools to deliver the best connectivity to your desired location, every time.

Don’t let connectivity hold your business back

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Connected Services

Global internet connectivity

With a footprint spanning every region on Earth, our global internet connectivity stands out. Collaborating with hundreds of telcos worldwide and leveraging diverse mediums – satellite, fibre, cellular, and radio – we guarantee secure and reliable internet access for our customers, no matter the location or time.

Global wide area networking

By aggregating multiple global, optical and ethernet networks, we give our customers truly global reach. Our consolidated global carrier view takes the heavy lifting out of wide area network design & planning, ensuring your business has the network you need to keep you always-on and that there is never a moment when your critical applications are out of reach.

Secure Access
Service Edge (SASE)

Connected Networks global SD-WAN and SASE networks provide the network security, dynamism and scalability that business needs. Our converged and cloud-native services securely connect all business end points, whether it’s people, offices, datacentres or the cloud, ensuring optimal application and business performance.

Network analytics

Our intelligent network analytics platform provides real-time, granular packetmonitoring of bandwidth utilisation, loss, jitter and latency across any network connectivity. Additionally, with granular application-level insights and responsive alerting features, this real-time, single pane of glass view of your network means that we can keep your connectivity fine tuned and at it’s best.

Connectivity consultancy

Connected Networks is at the forefront of network design, planning and delivery. We meticulously evaluate all available carriers, the most efficient routes and optimal services tailored for your specific needs, presenting you with your desired network topology. Once established, we safeguard the fibrepathways, implement the solution and offer a fully-functional network, managed seamlessly on your behalf.

Connected Networks understands your business application needs.

We understand how data flows from A to B, where your business application needs to be stored and how it needs to perform. That’s why we’re able to make expert suggestions for what needs to be done and build networks to support how your data flows anywhere on the planet.

Effective connectivity across your business

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