One team - hundreds of trusted suppliers.

Connected Networks pull together more than 500 connectivity suppliers and partners into a single platform, all under one roof.

The broadest reach of any connectivity supplier, anywhere.

Connected Networks is the culmination of more than 100+ years of combined experience providing business connectivity services all over the world.



We have pulled together the largest collection of fibre suppliers in the world to give you truly global network reach


Simple Interface

Quote, order, view and manage all of your global connectivity services via one simple web interface


Mapped Buildings

With network intelligence on more than 1.4 billion buildings worldwide, we always identify the perfect fibre partners


Countries Served

We can deliver connectivity to the four corners of the globe, using any medium, meaning no stone is left unturned

Who is Connected Networks?

Connected Networks is a boutique global internet and network service provider run by a tightly knit team. Frustrated at the ridiculous complexity required every time we needed to set up a business internet connection abroad, we decided to do something about it.

Hundred of Suppliers

Access the world's broadest range of fibre suppliers all in one place to start making new connections across the globe.

1.4b Data Points

We have network intelligence on more than 1.4 billion buildings worldwide, meaning we can pinpoint the best supplier(s) for your location, every time.

Don’t let connectivity hold your business back

Managing Connectivity Across Borders

Managing connectivity across borders is often a core discussion topic with our global client base, so we want to explore the intricacies of cross-border network management, focusing on the unique aspects and best practices for achieving seamless, high-speed connections. 

Implementing Digital Solutions Post-PSTN

Discover how Connected Networks facilitates the transition to digital solutions post PSTN, ensuring seamless business communication. 

What Are The Main Causes of Poor Connectivity?

Explore the primary causes of poor connectivity affecting UK businesses and discover tailored solutions to enhance digital operations and competitiveness. 

We want to understand your connectivity needs.

Our projects all start by defining your objectives, your application and diversity requirements and the challenges you may face. From there, we build a robust connectivity plan before orchestrating and managing your business connectivity, meaning you only deal with us.

Effective connectivity across your business

What is Colt?

At Connected, we partner with the best in class, across the world and that’s why we work with Colt, but what is Colt?

Why choose Colt? We explain all

“Why choose Colt?” is obviously a question we’re often asked as leading Colt partners

What is Colt On Demand? Understanding the Future of network solutions

In today’s digital-driven world, the demand for instant access to data, seamless cloud integration and the ability to quickly adapt to market changes is growing at an exponential rate