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We can provide connectivity services to more than 200 countries & territories around the world using our unique network of partners. To find out how we can help you in country, select your region below.

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Colt Expands Internet On Demand to 10 New Countries and Launches Energy-Saving Virtual Router

Explore the new global expansion of Colt’s Internet On Demand service with Connected Networks, offering enhanced digital solutions in 27 countries  

Why Organisations are using Zero Trust Networks instead of VPNs

Explore how Zero Trust Networks (ZTNs) surpass traditional VPNs in security and adaptability, offering a robust solution for modern enterprises.

How Project Duration Affects Business Connectivity Budgets

Discover how project duration impacts business connectivity budgets and learn how planning, implementation delays and testing challenges drive up costs. 

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Our projects all start by defining your objectives, your application and diversity requirements and the challenges you may face. From there, we build a robust connectivity plan before orchestrating and managing your business connectivity, meaning you only deal with us.

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What is Colt?

At Connected, we partner with the best in class, across the world and that’s why we work with Colt, but what is Colt?

Why choose Colt? We explain all

“Why choose Colt?” is obviously a question we’re often asked as leading Colt partners

What is Colt On Demand? Understanding the Future of network solutions

In today’s digital-driven world, the demand for instant access to data, seamless cloud integration and the ability to quickly adapt to market changes is growing at an exponential rate